Carlos Ronchi

I am currently a PhD student at EPFL working in Brisken’s lab trying to understand the molecular mechanisms of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. I hold a master degree in Mathematics from Universidade de São Paulo under the supervision of Dr. Marcio Gameiro. My bachelor is in Mathematics from Federal University of Paraná (UFPR).


I currently run a newsletter about bioinformatics, applied math, statistics and science in general. In this newsletter I regularly send links that I find interesting about the mentioned topics. To subscribe click the link below:

Research interests

My research interests are in computational biology, bayesian statistics, topological data analysis and machine learning. I’m also very interested in science epistemology and how to encode uncertainty in science.


To contact me, use one of the two following emails:


For my most up to date curriculum, click the following link: Curriculum Vitae

For my brazilian CV, click the following link: Curriculum Lattes


As I’ve been living in Switzerland, I enjoy a lot hiking. Also I like to play table tennis and soccer as well. I have an interest for soccer analytics, let me know if you have anything to share with me about it!

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